Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How you too can have your very own $100 enema

Start with one very uncomfortable and cranky two year old. Add a whole day of no eating, no drinking and no dirty diapers (that last part isn't as good as it sounds). Next take your concoction to the urgent care, here they will tell you to add a sprinkle of "it might be an appendicitis" and send you to Primary Children's Hospital where they will be able to tell you for sure and possibly do a little surgery for good measure. Once at hospital put sweet two year old boy through tests, IV's, catheters and Xrays. Rule out hernia with more than one exam. All the while having your heart break every time said two year old whimpers "thank you" to the very nurses and doctors who do invasive and uncomfortable tests/procedures on him. Only to find out in the end he is so "backed up" that it has blocked his bladder. Proceed with enema. Let enema do it's business (sorry couldn't help that one). Head home with a much happier two year old. So 2 co-pays later that is how you too can get your own $100 enema.

It was a very long night. As miserable as he was Van was quite the trooper. He cooperated with just about everything the doctors and nurses asked him to do. When he didn't like something he tried to reason with them. He really was amazing. In the end (no pun intended) this was the best possible outcome. I am so glad we are not at the hospital with a post-op toddler. While I hope $100 enemas do not become common place, I am glad things turned out the way they did. Thanks everyone for your concern and prayers. We are all a bit tired but overall we are doing fine. And for the most part Van is back to his normal two year old self.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The President's speech Part 2

I feel like I need to clarify a few things. I hope that my last post did not sound like I was myself, or encouraging my kids to follow blindly. Of course I think that we need to be informed before making a decision in any aspect of our lives politics included. I also believe that no matter what situation you are in, parents are responsible for educating their kids. They may choose to send their kids to public or private school or they may choose to home school, no matter which vehicle is chosen it is the parents responsibility to make sure what is being taught is in harmony with what they believe and what they feel comfortable with. I think that the parents who decided they did not want their children to watch the President's speech had every right to do so. I just wonder if they chose that for reasons other than political. My last post had less to do with politics and more to do with not letting preconceived notions interfere with an opportunity. I think this was an amazing opportunity for our children. To have the President take a specific interest in the youth of this country and address them directly is incredible in my opinion.

I think that the speech was great. He didn't talk down to our children nor did he talk over their heads. His message was clear. Take responsibility for your education not matter what your situation. I think this is a message that many kids need to hear. They can blame no one and nothing for their failure and deserve credit for their achievements. They are capable of so much if they put forth the effort that is required for success. One of the things I especially liked about the speech was the fact that he encouraged kids to make their own goal for the school year; however big or small and be accountable for that goal. I also loved his take on failure. Failure breeds successful people. Those who fail the most are trying the most and will eventually succeed. He encouraged them not to let failure define them. This is a lesson that I think we can all learn from. Even if he did use the tired and over used "Micheal Jordan didn't make the Jr. High basket ball team" example. The President counseled our kids to ask for help when they need it reminding them there is no shame in asking for help. Asking for help does not make you weak.

And now I will step down from my soap box.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Have you heard?

I am not going to lie to you. I am not a huge political junkie. But I like to be informed and I do*wait for it* have opinions. So this is one of those times when I just have to speak up. As I blog hopped this afternoon, you know the usual fluffy craft and food blogs, I stumbled upon a blog post about President Obama's speech in the schools on Sept.8. Apparently there is an uproar by some that has lead to -get this- a boycott of school that day. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!? I know that we do not all have the same political opinions but when did it become a) optional to attend school b)Ok to be so disrespectful of our elected leaders and c) just plain paranoid?

What could the president possibly say, in a mere 20 minutes, that would be so damaging? Are people that insecure in their parenting that a speech from the president would undermine all of their efforts to teach their children what ever it is they teach them (in this case I would guess intolerance, Maybe?) This type of reaction does teach our children some lessons; sadly I am afraid it will be the wrong lessons.

The Presidents speech is supposed to focus on the importance of staying in school, working hard and making goals...OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!

Lest this sound like a democratic rant I think this type of behavior on either side is ridiculous. I have no doubt that some on the left would be acting just as unsavory if the tables were turned. No matter what our political affiliation we should respect each other. Whether a republican president or a democratic president he, or hopefully at some point she (a post all it's own), has every right to talk to the citizens of this nation. Last time I checked that included kids.

Hopefully no one reading this blog is actually considering taking their kids out of school for that day, but if you are please rethink the message you will be sending. It is one of intolerance and paranoia...not lessons I would want my children to learn.

So how do you feel about it? Leave me a comment, I really want to know.