Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who knew?

This afternoon I had horrible heartburn. I don't usually get heartburn except when I am pregnant...before my brothers and father-in-law have a chance to say it, no I am not pregnant! Anyway it was quite bad. So I tried water, then something small to eat, then milk, begrudgingly pepto and finally bread (not one right after the other, there was time in between each attempt). Nothing helped and some things even seemed to aggravate it. Finally in desperation I went to Google. The first home remedy was a spoonful of ice cream. Well you don't have to tell me twice when it comes to ice cream. One (ok, ok two) spoonfuls later the heartburn was dramatically decreased and within less than 5 minutes I was feeling much much better. Now I have a legitimate medicinal reason to have ice cream regularly. I was eating it regularly anyway, but now I have's for my health! Can't argue with that right. So eat up it really is good for you! AWESOME!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I went to the doctor today to get the results of my blood work and x-rays. I do not have gout or Rheumatoid arthritis. But that doesn't mean the appointment was all good. Mostly because of Van and the fact that because there was nothing on the x-ray or in the blood work the Dr. had to draw fluid from the joint in my thumb. By the time all of this occurred Van and I had been there for over an hour and he was, shall we say done with being at the doctor. Ok lets be honest he was done being there as soon as we walked in, but by then he was being a total pain. Anyway I digress. While they were numbing and then draining fluid I was trying to calm a very cranky Van down and trying my hardest not to cry over the pain or the uncooperative toddler. I shed a few tears but recovered quickly. What they found was a ganglion cyst. After the fluid was drained the doctor put a steroid in the joint and said that should be it. The stuff I read online said it may take a few treatments, but I really hope my Dr. was right and I do not have to do that again. And if I do I am not taking Van! As far as what ever is going on with my feet he said it may be a vitamin D deficiency and put me on supplements...I really hope that is all that it is, I can handle adding an extra vitamin everyday. If that doesn't help then I think it is back to the podiatrist or a joint specialist for, fun, fun. Even though this appointment was rough I am so grateful that I do not have RA (I never thought it was gout). This ordeal definitely makes me appreciate the health that I do have and even though I turned 30 this year I am not old and I need to enjoy my health while I still have it!